Here is a list of links to video resources on the internet that you should watch. Timings in minutes are in brackets

First - a link to PAJholdens video clips - lots of different explanations of all the diagrams you will need.


The European Central Bank and the Euro (3.44)

Creation of the European Union (7.22)

Role of the European Central Bank (4.47)

Monetary Policy Strategy ECB (5.03)

ECB Monetary Policy Instruments (6.08)

Bank of England - Quantitative Easing (3.47)

Bank of England - Managing Inflation (1.55)

Bank of England - What causes inflation (1.52)

Bank of England - Why inflation is matters (1.49)

HM Treasury - What is the Budget (1.43)

Take a look at this teachers videos on You Tube - they are great fun and useful too

mjmfoodie’s Channel

A funny video explaining externalities

Eau de Cologne and Smoking

Here is a lecture by Ronald Coase - Nobel prize winner for his work on property rights. If you have your sights on doing an economics degree or have an Oxbridge/Ivy League interview I recommend watching the whole thing.

Ronald Coase