Introduction to macroeconomics

2.1 The Measurement of Macroeconomic Performance
Macroeconomic Indicators (TIGER)
- Trade and the Balance of Payments
- Inflation
- Growth and GDP
- Employment and Unemployment
- Redistribution of Income and the Rest

- Index numbers
The Economic Cycle

2.2 How the Macroeconomy Works
The Circular Flow of Income
Aggregate Demand (AD)
Aggregate Supply (AS) Analysis
The Determinants of Aggregate Demand
Aggregate Demand and the Level of Economic Activity
Determinants of Short-Run Aggregate Supply
Determinants of Long-Run Aggregate Supply

2.3 Economic Performance
The Objectives of Government Economic Policy
Economic Growth
Problems of Inflation & Deflation
Demand pull inflation and cost-push inflation
- case study - OPEC and inflation
Causes and Types of Employment and unemployment (causes and types)
The Balance of Payments on Current Account

2.4 Macroeconomic Policy
Fiscal Policy
Monetary Policy
- The properties and functions of money
- Quantitative Easing
Supply-side Policies